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Smart Litter Box Uses AI Recognition To Track Your Cat’s Health Smart Litter Box Uses AI Recognition To Track Your Cat’s Health

Cats hide their pain, making it difficult to know when they’re ill, especially with sicknesses like urinary tract infections, kidney disease, and heart disease early on. Over 30% of cats suffer from urinary tract diseases in their life, and pet owners don’t know until it’s too late. Thankfully, there’s a newly developed smart litter box, called LuluPet, that uses AI recognition and sensors to check for symptoms of the top 7 common cat illnesses with 95% accuracy.

(Credit: LuluPet)

LuluPet is the first cat litter box that uses excretory image recognition to track your cat’s health in real-time. You will be alerted immediately of any irregularities, whether it’s a minor issue or a major one. In addition to image recognition, a built-in camera, and infrared sensors, LuluPet uses AI chips to analyze different kinds of feces. It recognizes feces using medical data from pet hospitals and combines it with the Bristol Stool Scale to distinguish if the droppings have cat disease symptoms.

(Credit: LuluPet)(Credit: LuluPet)

The smart litter box has a double door design, which helps reduce scattered litter when cats finish their business and cover it up, as they do. The front entrance is ideal for senior cats and kittens incapable of jumping in and out continuously. LuluPet’s hexagonal shape offers sufficient internal space for your cat while keeping it small enough to fit in any household. You can also transform the litter box from entirely closed to semi-open, depending on what your cat prefers. As a bonus, it has an easy-to-clean drawer that slides out from the bottom.

LuluPet makes it effortless for pet owners to keep their cat’s health in good condition while saving them from unnecessary vet visits and the worries or wonders if their cat is alright. The litter box features a smart app, which provides real-time alerts concerning your cat’s health, allowing you to act quickly when needed. Stool and urine analysis is the easiest way of detecting a broad range of cat diseases.

It can also be connected with Google Home and Alexa, so you can ask how your cat’s health is doing or how many times your cat has pooped, and your virtual assistant will tell you.

(Credit: LuluPet)(Credit: LuluPet)

The app cross-references your pet’s details with a comprehensive cat pathology database with clinical data from over 6,000 cats to ensure your cat’s health is in the normal range. While health data for different breeds vary depending on their age, LuluPet’s AI Autonomous Learning Mechanism delivers a report uniquely tailored to each cat.

If you’re a cat lady and you have 12 cats, no problem! LuluPet can identify up to 15 individual cats by remembering fur colors, faces, and weight. This means every cat’s health is recorded individually.

(Credit: LuluPet)

LuluPet’s AI system accurately monitors your cat’s weight, stool volume, urine volume, excretion frequency, excretion duration, excrement appearance, and excrement color type. Should you be interested in this smart litter box, LuluPet is currently running an Indiegogo campaign.

(Credit: LuluPet)(Credit: LuluPet)(Credit: LuluPet)

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